Thursday, 10 April 2014


I am feeling so very very very embarrassed that up till now I didn't find time to post pics from trip to Prague for Disclosure gig. I was so psyched, I was awaiting it so much and at the end I had such a great fun there! I was thinking of writing this post for quite a while, but I never had time to upload pics (as always I am running out of time :/) and of course have couple of more excuses such as bla, bla and bla. 

Tomorrow I am going for another gig to Bratislava, so I feel again psyched as a little kid before Xmas and I thought that this is the best moment to re-edit and post about my Prague- Disclosure-Experience. 

How was it in Prague? As you can imagine it was just AWESOME! I love the capital city of Czech Rep!!! My warm feelings for Prague are actually one of the reasons, why I agreed for 53R102K4's idea to move to Czech ^^. It is big city, but not tiring while relocating from one place to another. It is international, but has also its unique Slavic character. 

Have you ever been there? You should definitely go! Firstly visit Goya's Museum, Golden Street, Hradcany and in the mean time you will be amazed with the most awesome street art ever. 

This time as always I was amused. I enjoy so much in cities which are alive while at night, so we made it to SaSaZu, Roxy (ok we did not make it inside, 'cos we were tired queueing for ages...) and some other more random places. 

The only disappointment during this trip? Weather, but who could predict?! Even though in Brno for a couple of weeks we have spring in it's full, Prague welcomed us with cold rainy weather. It didn't take any power of ours away, but made me sick for couple of days :/. 

How was the Disclosure gig? Obviously- awesome! They played all the famous tracks, finished surprisingly early though. We all explained it with Czech cultural thing, as in here all events usually finish quite early as for us. But the music made it worth seeing/hearing anyway :) 

Now I am just waiting for tomorrow and I will do my best to update you about my emotions towards Electronic Beats Festival Bratislava. If you fancy, it will be great if you will join :) The website with tickets you can find HERE.  

Owh and to share with you a bit of my music-mood enjoy Boiler Room with Disclosure and Skream.


  1. Amazing Pictures! Also great Outfit :)

    Happy Weekend!

  2. Love your outfit - dope!
    Check out all of the Coachella fashion at ❤
    Kisses XOXO


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