Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Working Wednesday and Mary Katrantzou's for Adidas collection

Wednesday, Wednesday... In the middle of the week it is so hard to stay focused... Weekend still far away... And as 53R102K4 is away I feel so lonely... Usually I barely have time for him, but once he is away I wish to spend at least a minute with him and do what we love the most- totally nothing!!!

What to do if I feel blue? Work, work, work... 

So firstly I worked out really hard today (I have done some kickboxing- totally recomending if you wish to burn lots of calories!). Secondly I worked on my project whole evening. Thirdly i worked on my text for writing competition.

As always when working I need to make some breaks to refresh my mind, so I could not over come a little tiny temptation to visit couple of fashion websites and guess what: queen of printed fabrics Mary Katrantzou is going to release collection for Adidas!  am still thrilled after yday discovered news of Alexander Wang collaborating with H&M and today I got so nicely surprised once more! I believe it may be the best sport collection of the season!

As posting was also kind of a break I have to get back to work. 

Have a nice and sunny day!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tuesday News and White Dress

I was thinking about adding to my post palette something with so called wish list and so I decided to visit the SOURCE- Vogue web page- and guess what hit me at the very beginning:

Alexander Wang (yes let me repeat ALEXANDER WANG!!!) signed a contract with H&M to launch his line in autumn 2014.

Isn't it the best news ever? I believe it will be fruitful collaboration of two great ones: chain shop, which is clothing the streets and designer, who is inspiring the streets. 

If you have any doubts I wish to remind about awesome print inspired by 'parental advisory sticker', which after appearing on New York catwalk in September found its way to be one of the few prints so commonly copied within last half a year.   

I didn' t convince you? Check collection for Autumn Winter 2014-2015 of both Alexander Wang and Balenicaga, where he became the creative director after Nicolas Ghesquière departed. 

And how do you think what do i have on my wish list? Blindly I can say that each and every piece from upcoming collection and I am looking forward original, comfortable and by Wang himself pieces to fill my closet. 

Coming on November 6th.

dress RESERVED/cardigan M&S/pants H&M/scarf CUBUS/rings TALLY WEIL/bracelets VINTAGE/sunglasses NEW YORKER

Being proud of myself :)

 There is nothing better than sharing great news!

Check out StreetsOfBrno website to find out what am I proud of ^^

Monday, 14 April 2014

Music related thoughts

Recently we have a guest at my flat, 53R102K4's friend came from Latvia to pay a visit. It is making my beloved one happy and for me there is nothing better than seeing my boy smiling all day long :) They are traveling around together- to Vienna, Prague and places around Brno, what is also giving me idea to fix some trip for myself... Yeah, I know I had just been in Bratislava on Electronic Beats Festival, but it was just over night and I didn't have time to enjoy the tour as I was so busy with partying :D

By the way Festival was awesome! Really! Totally recommend the event. At the beginning I was a bit surprised- not disappointed just surprised with the choice of repertoire. There was a live band, which was cool, 'cos who doesn't like live bands, but a bit surprising as I was expecting a huge kick of industrial sounds. While the music was changing from artist to artist I understood that whoever planned was very good strategist. As the gig was lasting the tension was getting higher and higher and the crowd was more and more alive and satisfied! My friends where psyched about Four Tet, who played really nice set, but for me the most amazing was Daphni at the very end. He mixed funky with heavy nearly dubstep sounds. Awesome!!!

To finish this vicious circle of stream of consciousness I am having right now I need to add that THE-FRIEND of 53R102K4 brought with himself one of my boy's toys he kept safe in Riga. The toy is kind of MPC and I believe 53R102K4 will have a lot of fun with it! In my house once more will appear huge, enormous amount of music, which makes me so happy!

jacket DKNY/knitwear TOPSHOP/top H&M/skirt H&M

Thursday, 10 April 2014


I am feeling so very very very embarrassed that up till now I didn't find time to post pics from trip to Prague for Disclosure gig. I was so psyched, I was awaiting it so much and at the end I had such a great fun there! I was thinking of writing this post for quite a while, but I never had time to upload pics (as always I am running out of time :/) and of course have couple of more excuses such as bla bla bla. 

Tomorrow I am going for another gig to Bratislava, so I feel again psyched and excited as a little kid before Xmas and I thought that this is the best moment to re-edit and post about my Prague- Disclosure-Experience.

How was it in Prague? As you can imagine it was just AWESOME! I love the capital city of Czech Rep!!! My warm feelings for Prague are actually one of the reasons, why I agreed for 53R102K4's idea to move to Czech ^^. It is big, but not tiring while relocating from one place to another. It is international, but has also its unique Slavic character. Have you ever been there? You should definitely go if not: Goya's Museum, Golden Street, Hradcany and the most awesome street art ever are making Prague one of the cities i consider as worth-living-in (at least for a while). This time as always I was amused. I enjoy so much in cities which are alive while at night. The only disappointment? Weather, but who could predict?! Even though in Brno for a couple of weeks we have spring in it's full, Prague welcomed us with cold rainy weather :/ It didn't take any power of ours away, but made me sick for couple of days :/.

How was the Disclosure gig? Obviously- awesome! They played all the famous tracks, finished surprisingly early though. We all explained it with Czech cultural thing, as in here all events usually finish quite early as for us. But the music, well music made it so worth seeing/hearing anyway :)

Now I am just waiting for tomorrow and I will do my best to update you about my emotions towards Electronic Beats Festival Bratislava. If you fancy, it will be great if you will join :) The website with tickets you can find HERE. (fyi I don't understand why, but it doesn't work in Mozilla Firefox)

Owh and to share with you a bit of my music-mood enjoy Boiler Room with Disclosure and Skream 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Let the time passes, Mr Einstein!

I have a lot of issues with time as time is possessed my life

When I lived in Indonesia I heard a lot a sentence that ' time is all the time'. For my Indonesian friends there was no such possibility like not doing something on time, in time etc. They always had time to do everything and whatever we could not manage to do we always could do tomorrow... How I miss that TIMES...

Now, Mr Einstein and his special relativity possessed my life! I am like crazy doing one thousand things at the time (which is not always good with the result) So I cook and write, clean and watch the movie, etc. Time stuck at work and flows with the speed light while I am involved into my activities And each and every day I run out of time, 'cos: I want to make pics, I wanna post and write and meet with friends and exercise, I wish also to eat, sleep and if not having time for a spa to at least make my nails each week. 

Now again I am running out of time as 53R102K4 is already complains I just do my stuff instead of just lying  with him.

Have a nice Wed :)

jacket VINTAGE/top TOPSHOP/pants H&M/shoes ATMOSPHERE

Monday, 7 April 2014

Lady is fickle, like a feather in wind

Have anybody ever heard the quote that ' Lady is fickle like feather in the wind'? Don't you think it is a blessing to have ability to change mood quickly and from the deepest sadness easily go to happiness?

Today was one of those Mondays when during the whole day I could observe sinusoidal character of my mood. It was changing during the day and hitting ups and downs... I am not sure if this is being privilege of being a woman or am I just reacting on so called spring breakthrough... 

If you ever had this type of mood you probably know that it is exhausting! Really all these emotions swirling in my mind are make me to freak out, esp. that when I am hitting the bottom I have a feeling like it could never ever get worse... The great thing about it though is that after so called downs quite quickly I am able jump over to fully positive attitude and I do not remember about my downs anymore... 

My thing to over come downs is to exercise or work. Simply to forget about the thing which made me so-so-so sad. Later on, when I look at it from the distance I am truly surprised that such a detail could shake me as badly as I would put my mind to a mixer of bed thoughts. So I have done today. One hour of hard workout with Jillian Michaels and I did not remember of any blues I had before. 

Have a calm Tuesday!

vest VINTAGE/top H&M/pants H&M/trainers TOPSHOP