Thursday, 27 November 2014


High waist shorts are my very favourite piece of clothing! Here you have my 5 top reasons why should we never take our shorts off:

1. IT MAKES LEGS LOOK LONGER. If you are (as myself) owners of a bit too short legs defo wear shorts. You will create an image of legs that reach heaven, trust me!
2. IT IMPROVES MY THE SHAPE OF MY ASS. There is a magical thing about shorts: if you have too small ass (like me) it will pretend to be bigger, if your ass is actually bigger, it will look smaller. I don't have a clue how it works, but wear a pair and observe the magic of 'ass shaping'.
3. IT GIVES FALSE IMPRESSION THAT MY WAIST IS SLIMMER. Self explanatory, isn't it?. High waist shorts with it triangular shape gives us this awesome hourglass shape.
4. IT IS MORE COMFY THAN MINI SKIRT. Have you tried to sit on the grass/blanket/floor in mini? It's more difficult than rhythmic gymnastics! Shorts do not cause this kind of trouble and gives you freedom of choice how and where you will sit.
5. IT SUITS TO MOST OF STUFF THAT I HAVE IN MY WARDROBE. It really does match either to trainers and hoodie or heels and fancy top...

Lets wear shorts and use it's magical powers to rule the world!


Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Winter has come, so I want to annunce that HAT SEASON is officially open. Don't be afraid that your hair will get over- dried and spray them with one of conditioning products and enjoy the variety of head covering.  This are some of mine hat-related inspirations. How are you going to style your HAT?


Pics, and others. If you feel that I violated the copyrights of your picture, please let me know so I will either remove it or list your website in this post.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014


I can't have enough of black colour. I feel in it self confident, comfortable and beautiful, so I will wear it till the end of the world and one day more!

Here you can see one of my whole black sets. Sleeveless cardigan with leather/metal buckles on side is one of my essentials lately. I love it's a bit rough rectangular shape suiting perfectly to my looks and warming me up during winter weather.
How do you like it?

Have a good week guys!

Monday, 24 November 2014


From 1926 when Coco Chanel posted image of simple black dress in American Vogue, women from across the globe fell in love with this piece. It is one of the essentials that will help you to look classy during the day and astonishingly during the night. Lately I was missing black dress essential in my wardrobe, so I made a research and choose this couple of pieces from on-line stores. 

How do you like it? Is any of them your favourite?

top left both dresses All Saints, top right TOPSHOP
bottom left NELLY, bottom right ZARA and ASOS

Friday, 21 November 2014


My latest obssesion are socks! It all started with #KLAUDIAMARKIEWICZ fashion show I have been assisting her with, I mentioned it in THIS post. Since I have seen her's stylization I cannot stop thinking of calf height socks!!!  I love how does it look on leg when its a bit messy and rolled, I tooks the best set with shiny ankle height boots for a contrast.

What do you think?

BTW, as per Friday I want to offer you guys a bit of good TRAP music by Andrew Daren, to whose gig I am going tonight.

Have a good weekend!

dress TOPSHOP/jacket STRADIVARIUSS/shoes and sunnies H&M/knee hight socks ATMOSPHERE

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Lithuania was the last place I have visited during Baltic trip (impression from Heslinki are HERE, from Tallin HERE and from Latvia HERE)

To travel from Riga to Lithuania I have chosen EcoLines (website HERE). Strenght of Ecolines busses is that you have internet connection via wifi regardless in which country you are. Weakness is that the seats are not very comfy. Additionally the bus did not come on time, which was not an issue for me, but bare that in mind.

Lithuania, as I have seen it, is a ideal place to associate with nature. I stayed at my friends place in Kursenai, which is a small village placed in the middle of wild forests. My friend took me for a trip through these woods, we have been weaving through it for hours till we get to the spot with high rail bridge. From it's very top amazing view of  all neighborhood can be admired, but unfortunately I was too afraid of height to climb to the top and at the end enjoyed landscapes from where my feet felt safe.

Another amazing thing in Kursenai are lakes. We were waking up early in the morning and going to swim in the lake located just 5 minutes away from my friend's house. It was so refreshing! After many years swearing that I will never ever move to the village, this amazing experience made me to start changing my mind.

What to eat in Lithuania? Everything! Beginning with amazing sweets such as Saldus Kukurudzaj, through all the traditional dishes, soup served in loaf of bread to the cooked white cheese. All of it taste delicious!

Place to visit? Definitely HILL OF CROSSES. It is one of sanctuary in Lithuania and I belive that name of it is self-explanatory- it is a place, where you can leave a cross with intention of bringing luck to you and people you care about. Great idea, so I left a cross there as well. It is for well being of my family and friends and it is indeed bringing good luck!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


The most wanted accessories this winter is definitely blanket-scarf!

My obsession with blanket scarf started last year during trip to Lisbon (impressions of travel HERE). I have noticed that every Portugeese girl had over sized scarf  to cover herself with. Having their image in my mind I lust one! After a research on the market I found this beautiful piece from Zara (website HERE) and I think this is THE ONE that will enrich my wardrobe.

I think it is gonna look amazing with ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING (!), what do you think?

Have a good evening.