Monday, 20 October 2014


Recently I found winter resolution for two of my loves: dress and turtle neck jumper.

This amazing piece from MANGO is chic, warm and classy. It is made from wool, has cozy turtle neck and is sleeveless, so you do not boil inside of it. Do you need something more to be convinced it is perfect? It looks so similar to Celine's, but is on sale for  reasonable price.

If  like it as I do,  you can find it HERE.


Friday, 17 October 2014


This weekend is going to be quite busy for me. I need to prepare everything for my trip to Poland. I need to think what to take, not to overload myself. Packing during autumn winter is such a pain, cos all the clothes are so big and heavy :/

To make this weekend more busy and more fashion related, together with D4R14 we decided to make a photoshoot to celebrate Autumn weather. Is in your place also so much amazignly colorfoul leafs? Here in Brno you can admire all the pallete of colours from yeallow, through orange, red, pink and even purple. I hope that what we will make will be showable, so i can share it with you. 

Gotta go back to work, have a nice weekend!

p.s. sorry for not very good quality of pics... I had to choose wrong mode, next time will improve :D
shirt,pants, GLASSES H&M/bag VINTAGE SHOP

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Do you know this feeling, when standing in front of stuffed wardrobe and you feel like there is literally nothing to wear? If you do ZARA came up with idea especially for you! On their website (HERE) apart from known LOOKBOOK and CAMPAIGN appeared new section called PICTURES and it gathers images of typical ZARA woman during her day.

Selection of images is very alike popular INTAGRAM photos and what interesting focus not on WHAT-TO-WEAR, but HOW-TO-WEAR. Cuddling (not holding!) oversized tote bag, belt to keep oversized cardigan or balck and white look with etno jewelery are just couple of ideas you can find there. More the same pieces of clothing are used in differend styization, so you could imagine how variable they are.

Now, inspired, lets discover the possibilities of our wardrobes!


Tuesday, 14 October 2014


So many times I was writing about following dreams, eg. HERE and today I want share about how being persistent, stubborn and diligent is paying back. 

Lets start from the begining. There is an event in Lodz, Poland, called Poland Fashion Week (website HERE). I did take part in in about 5 years ago as a volunteer, but due to moving from one place to another, mostly far far away from Lodz, I could not continue my adventure with this event any further. Now (well a year ago to be precise, but it still seem as quite recent change) I moved to Czech Republic and my current job allows me to travel to Poland quite easily. Putting all this facts together I decided to give it a try and to apply for a backstage position during upcoming SS2015 event. 

I have applied already a while ago, but didn't hear anything back, so I thought I am not meant to work there. I was already reconciled with my sad faith, when yesterday I received the best news ever. Herby I want to announce, that next Monday straight after work I am going to Lodz, ' cos from Tue till Sun I will be working as a head of backstage during Out Of Schedule fashion shows (link is HERE, but it is still empty... probably will be filled soon, now you can check designers though).

I am extremely proud of myself (to be honest I just burst with pride) and stared planning my lookbook for this event as well as thinking really hardly how to promote myself there. Do you think it is appropriate to have there business cards with me??? I need to think as business woman now, don't you think?

With this positive news I wish you guys your dreams to come true!

top ATMOSPHERE/skirt ATMOSPHERE/jacket ROXY/shoes H&M


I visited Latvia, while travelling around Baltic shore this year. I took line of SIMPLE BUS (website HERE) and it took less than 5 hours to arrive from Tallin (more you can read HERE) to Riga.

Even though Riga is not stereotypically beautiful, it stole my heart from the very first moment I saw it through the bus windows.The city is an eclectic bomb with a mix of adorable Art Nouveau architecture with post-industrial and post-comunistic elements here and there and lots of green spaces in every single place it could be fitted into. In few words, it is everything that touches my sense of aesthetic.

What are the MUST SEE points, when visiting LATVIA?

Firstly- JURMALA, little town on the seashore, couple of miles away from Riga. We went there by rail, which was not cheap nor comfy, but fast and reliable, so I fully recommend it. (website HERE) When I have seen the beach my heart melted, 'cos the shore amazingly beautiful, water transparent and there was lovely sound of seagulls from time to time. As I am a sea-person (acorrdingly that some of us enjoy see and other mountains) it was everything, what I wanted.

Another place, which is worth seeing is MEZAPARKS- a 'forest-alike' complex in the middle of the city. It is located couple of minutes by car from the very centre and represents proudly the Nature of Latvia. Most of it, is still not spoiled with humans interference and can be compared to the wildest woods. In some places, there are created alleys, with set benches and build pubs gives which gives opportunity to rest or... hide from the rain, as it happened to us.  

Last, but not least, must-see point is the very city centre of Riga, with it's gorgeous architecture. It is hard to name the specific place, where you should go, 'cos as I see it you need to walk through it all. Route I was taken through was from  Albert Street, through Bastejkalns Park, Brivibas Pieminieklis (Freedom Monument- very important for Latvians), Central Market (for freak like me opportunity to buy local food and enjoy the 'market-environment ' is crucial to feel that 'I have fully participated in life of the city') up till 11 Novermbra Krastmala, where on one of the benches you can enjoy view of the Daugava river. As this is quite a huge walk to make, here are my tips for hungry wanderers: firstly LIDO (website is HERE), secondly PELMENI (location and more info HERE).

Not to forget about anything, there was one more thing in Riga to amuse me and it was Kiploku Grauzdini, which literally means garlic bread. It is definitely not healthy, fat as hell, but so -so- very delicious! You gotta try it, while in Latvia!

Friday, 10 October 2014


 Here you have one of my recent looks- so influenced by Anthony Vacarello for Versus Versace, but adapted to office environment, where I have to follow given rules and directions. Part, which I personally love about this look the most is wedges from OFFICE SHOES- the most comfortable footwear ever!

Apart from fashion-inspiration I also want to share amazing music set with you. Lately it is becoming a custom for me to provide you with some tune inspiration on Fridays (like HERE).

I think I am going to cultivate it a bit more, because I love music and I can spend hours on-line when looking for perfect songs and DJ sets. Some of you may remember that I also check for all events in my neighbourhood, so I will be able to enjoy live music events. (like HERE or HERE). I think that there would be nothing more sad than world without music... Constant silence? Owh... not for me, thank you.

Today again I am planning to enjoy a music event- today in Brno. It will be four sets of DJs- two Brno citizens and two Portuguese. Set above is of one of them (you can check more music on HERE, HERE or HERE)  and as I like it a lot I am having very good feelings about the party.

Have a joyful weekend,

shirt TOPMAN/skirt H&M/shoes OFFICE/bag MISS SELFRIDGE/sunglasses H&M/necklace IAM

Thursday, 9 October 2014


Autumn begun and all airy dresses has to be replaced with warmer alternatives such as jumpers, coats, hats...  Even though I am not a huge fan of cold, I am actually excited with idea of wearing my favorite boots, and sweaters, 'cos I kinda missed them during boiling summer weather. I am also quite excited with the idea of creating a WISH LIST, full items I-JUST-HAVE-TO-HAVE to make my wardrobe complete for new season. This winter I am going to invest money into 5 ESSENTIALS to enrich my wardrobe, match with everything I have and make me feel so styled up! What is it going to be?

1. oversized coat in dark gray or black- to keep me warm from head to toe

2. gray turtle neck jumper- to warm up and look amazing to both pants and shirt skirts

3. simple and classy white shirt- cos I love Phebe Philio style

4. all leather looks- cos its next season, when it is all about leather

5. peep toes with knee lenght socks- ok, I know there is lots of people, who hate it, but... firstly I don't want to get rid of my sandals yet and secondly I think it looks kinda cool...

Wish list is one thing and common sense is something else. As you remember from HERE or HERE I am very focused on taking care of my budget recently, so any kind of purchase I rethink twice as well as I am hungry for SALES and DISCOUNTS. I made a bit of a research and discovered Raise Market (HERE is website). It is amazing place which is both offering  a 15% discounted gift cards to my beloved shops such as ZARA, UNIQLO or H&M (HERE) and cash unwanted ones (HERE). Now when I feel forgiven due to this economically oriented attitude, I can happily enjoy the shopping!
Autumn Essentials

UNIQLO turtle neck jumper/UNIQLO grey t shirt/H&M coat/BLACK VELVET skirt/RIVER ISLAND sandals/VANS hat