Monday, 22 September 2014


Don't consider me an ignorant, but I haven't heard of Stella Jean before. Well actually, even if I did overhear anything, probably it drowned in the stream of all information I am bombarded with everyday and in relation to this I have to say just one thing: SHAME ON ME! 

I am fully and honestly amazed with what I have seen during Milan Fashion Week show. What was shown touches my sense of aesthetics and makes me very inspired. 

This collection is mixing everything, what I would say may not match, while proving how wrong can I be. There is lots of colour, brightness and freshness. Models are very summery, breezy and feminine. The collection is full- we have here whole wardrobe range such as tees, trousers, skirts, coats.... All this here and there is interspersed with classic white shirts or glamorous cocktail dresses to make us even more satisfied. 

What I love is the most is print! Amazing game of colours which can either create whole pictures or amazing patterns. I believe that Caribbean origin designer living in Italy has the best cultural background to go wild with colours and so she does in the best possible way we can imagine. 

Numbered tees, checked trousers, painting on the gown... This and much more garments with surprising patters are creating chic and classy looks, which I am hoping to see on the streets very, very soon.

If you like Stella's colelction, check her website HERE.


I want to introduce a perfect piece of dress, which I found in RESERVED line YFL.

It has all what I was looking for in the dress. It has great print, simple design, good sleeve length and perfect overall length. It is gonna be perfect piece to fulfill my autumn wardrobe- good for the office, weekend and party. Cant wait to style it up! ^^

If you like it you can check it out HERE

Friday, 19 September 2014


One of the most awaited parts of each and every fashion week is street style of it's attendees.

London's esthetics is the closest to my heart and so we can see here lot's of sport inspired stylizations, sucha s trainers, oversized tees, caps and many more. I love the leather looks, so there is couple of it here and I love skirts and dresses so here you have variety of them as well- from short and long, leather and  etheral  and many many others. overall colorful, chic and classy- fashion in its best from LFW. Enjoy!

pics by vogue

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Have you heard of game called 'Challenge'? It was introduced to me recently and I was offered to play it. The rules of the game are simple: you choose a challenge from the list and have to follow it for 30 days. The list of chellenges is given online and the purpose of it is to improve ones well being. (one of the websites about it, with the list of challenges you can find HERE).

With my friend we decided to choose 2 challenges- so I have choosen one challenge for myself as well as one for my friend and so did he. 

The one I choose for myself is kinda easy, as I decided to exercise everyday- 3 times per week my regular exercises I am doing already for a while and 4 times per week something new for me, which is YOGA. I believe that one month with yoga will help me to clean my soul as well as improve my body flexibility and teach me to do something consequently everyday. I am exercising with Adrianne from YOGA WITH ADRIANNE, whom is giving trainings for various emotional and physical moods- there is one for stress relief, one for PMS, one for hangover and many many others. Her videos you can find HERE and it is really worth checking out.

It is good I picked something with which I am so comfortable with, as the second challenge I have been given by my friend is so- so- so- so very difficult!!! Each and every day I have to think of what I am going to achieve during upcoming 30 years- each day applies to one year. Thinking of that is so- so difficult... Difficulties comes with deciding which aims should be placed as the most important for which year and also with thinking in so detailed way about my future life. It is pushing me to make a lot of decisions about my future, but I believe it is already decide what do I want and do whatever is needed to achive the best results in it.

As you can imagine, couple of years is fully dedicated to becoming successful in fashion industry, so to follow my fashion passion, please find my latest look below. It is much more autumn than previous ones, as Summer is nearly gone and cooler and more rainy weather came to Brno.

Hope You will get inspired with challenge idea!


top H&M/sweater M&S/skirt H&M/jacket DKNY/shoes NO NAME

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


If you will ever have opportunity, I go for a trip to Tallin! 

I have visited this beautiful capital city of Estonia just for one day, while on the way from Helsinki to Latvia. It is placed on the coast of Baltic Sea, so it was my transit point between VIKING LINE FERRY and SimpleExpress Bus.

As I came with the ferry harbor was first thing I have seen and to be totally honest with you it is actually not very representative part of the city (or at least at night, when I came, it does not seem too friendly), but luckily it takes not longer than 10 minutes on foot to reach the city center, which is combined from two parts, one is adorable and beautiful old town and the other part is young and modern as it's gathering skyscrapers.  

Tallin's old town is a fairytale place. Old buildings, small streets, paving and surprisingly huge amount of people in traditional clothing is making the place to look fabulously. The small streets are crating kind of a maze, with lots of hidden staircases leading from lower to upper parts of the city and lots of passages through gates and gardens. All this surrounded by stone walls is making really great impression- I was thinking that it would be great scenery for a criminal novel...The other part of downtown is, fresh, glass and new- not really cozy but very metropolitan, so giving nice contrast to medieval architecture. 

What I really liked was that everything is easily accessible. City is not very big and I believe no use of public transportation is needed here unless you will be in a situation like myself that you will sit on THE ONLY PAIR OF SUNGLASSES YOU HAVE WITH YOURSELF AND URGENTLY NEED A NEW PAIR...Visiting mall was necessary... (Thanks to the fact that each chain shop has more less the same in every country I could be a happy owner of exact the same pair in less than 30 minutes!) If you need to use it tickets can be bought in every newspaper stand- for more info click HERE .

The other thing that I loved was amount of places to sit during the day, or evening. The choice of restaurants and it's cuisines, variations of coffee places and pubs is just impressive. Impressive is also design of interiors as well as it outside gardens with a use of historical heritage in an innovative way. From bunch of places I visited one worth mentioning is Indian restaurant Chakra with perfect service, Dubliner Pub with delicious beer and Boheem a bit away from the center, but perfect to enjoy afternoon coffee and good reading.

 sunrise in Tallin

on the border between old town and the city

one of the passages

one of the staircases

one of the gates

old town

my lunch in Chakra

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


It is risky to experiment, but without risk nobody ever succeed and such a risk has been taken by Temperley London, when combining two of its lines, main one and Alice. The result of this try is really impressive. Collection is strong, modern and young.

What can you find here? Everything what you may need during Spring-Summer season. From suits and playsuits, through skirts and dresses. In between them are being smuggled white shirts (owh, this white shirt looks!)- so classy and so young with it's use in open form. Another element which delights is usage of checked pattern. So here we have it's variations both in colour and texture. There are wonderful black and white checked pants, gorgeous red and white dresses as well as pattern embroidered or pressed.

There could be no better idea to match looks with simple yet sophisticated flat trainers. It was a way to perfectly polish these summer looks with accompany of scarfs and sunglasses. Perfect looks for all occasions from stroll on the beach in Saint Tropez to gala in NYC.