Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Summer Vibes Photo Shoot

As some of you may remember I am very proactive trying to follow my dreams about career in fashion industry and cause of it I decided to create opportunities for myself to express what sleeps deeply in my soul. You can read more about it HERE.

Hereby I wanted to share with you results of my latest photo shoot. It is so hard for me to say which picture I like the most, that is why I decided to show you all set of the best ones. 

The idea of repeating a photo shoot experience got born in my head when I found this gorgeous khaki jumpsuit in the vintage store. It is really nice piece (it has open back with V shaped decolletage up till the end of back, but unfortunately non pic was showing it nicely :/). It needed to be fixed (the sewing was old and I had to remake it), but this is just 5 min of work and how amazing it looks like after!!! :D
When remaking the sewing of jumpsuit I thought about remaking bit more of what is in my closet... The first set of mine is quite simple... Transparent top and shorts. I really like the transparent trend and a while ago already I bought a dress which was following it, yet I have never felt like wearing it... day before this photo shoot I cut the dress and made it cropped top- one I do love and wear :D.

As this photoshoot was about remaking the third set could not be different. Again I targeted top. This one is from Primark and I stored it in my wardrobe for more than a month while never feeling like wearing it. Day before a photo shoot I decided to go wild. I turn it back to front and to fully open the back of it so it shows enough of my body while still making me to feel... I wanna say decent??? :D 

The other three sets are fully styled by an awesome girl D4R14. Some of you may recognize her from previous photo shoot. She supported me with pics making and took part in this great experience :D We had great fun and I hope we will do it again and again!!! <3 THANK YOU D4R14!!!

You can check D4R14's blog HERE.

 top (remade but originally from) PRIMARK/shorts  NEW LOOK/sunnies TALLY WEIL/flower and belt H&M/ribbon in hairs LINDEX
top and skirt PRIMARK/shoes DEICHMANN/jewelery EBAY
top PRIMARK/shorts TOPSHOP/sunnies TIGER/belt H&M/hair accessorize LINDEX

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Bubble tea!

Helsinki, Tallin and Riga are already behind me and I am so really truly sad, 'cos I had so much fun there... But I keep my focus and travel to Siauliai today to meet my dearest friend M1LD4 :)

Additionally one of my looks from just before I left Brno. Its Zara top, Mohito skirt and my very favorite wedges from Office Shoes.

Day when my sis made me this pics I discovered #BUBBLETEA which is just so AWESOME! I didn't try it ever before but from now on I ll b huge fan! Gotta try it!

Have to finish, enjoy your time!

Friday, 8 August 2014


Holidays, holidays.... I love summer period :) this year I am quite active and mobile. I have been on quite a few trips and more is ahead of me. Now I'm on the airport in Prague traveling to Helsinki in Finland. When I will ne back will tell you about all the beautiful places I am goin to visit underling DOs and DON'Ts during Baltic trip planning.

For now I wanted to share with you guys my most recent look. Its H&M faux leather pants in which I have cut out holes on knees. I really like this trend. My advise- when cutting out holes remember that when sitting you will stretch the knees,so cut it exactly on knees to avoid textile looking a bit messy.
Sweat from Reserved, top from Zara, sandals from Annagemmagie Shop and my very gavorite sunnies.

I gotta go...enjoy your weekend!!!!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Victoria Beckham's wardrobe on SALE!!!

As I am enjoying summer holidays I was quite busy and didn't have time to write recently. Sorry for that. 

Here you have my most recent look- simple and gray.

I want also to share with you a great news! My favourite Victoria Beckham (here you have Victoria Beckham ISSUE) decided to donate approx 600 pieces from her wardrobe for charity, so it means that we can buy something of hers the-most-awesome-ever style and also help Mother2mother charity. 

You can check it out here.

dress BERSHKA/bag TKMAXX/shoes VANS/hair pin LINDEX

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

How to make an asymmetric skirt tutorial

AS some of you may remember I loooove to shop in vintage stores where I can find clothes of excellent quality in a very good prices, sometimes though there is the problem with it's size. :/ I don't remember, if I mentioned before that I enjoy to re-make the clothes I find in second hand shops and create totally new garments out of it. If I didn't today is going to be the first time. 

Let me introduce you to how to make an asymmetric skirt tutorial :D

Basically what you need is a skirt approx 10 sizes too big for you, made from fabric you love and 4 attaching snaps buttons. It has to be a simple skirt (maybe like a pencil skirt or one with the rubber around the waist). Remember it is crucial for it to be simple! The reason for it is that you need to get a rectangular piece of fabric out of it. 

Once you have an rectangular the only thing is to attach the snaps to it. One part of first snap you attach to the very (lets say) left corner and its second part you have to fit to your waist size. Once you will do it rectangular will fit you and should stay around your waist. You are left now just with 3 snaps. One its part you attach to loose part of skirt, the other one you need to measure and attach to the core part of the dress. Once done it is finished- asymmetric skirt is ready. 

I hope I explained it right- below you can see the pic-tutorial how the buttons are being attached and my look in this skirt. 

How do you like this project and it's final effect?

skirt HOME MADE/top CALLIOPE/shoes ANNAGEMMAGIE/sunglasses IAM

Monday, 28 July 2014

Nail polish dilemma

TODAY'S question of the day hits some basics and it is:
is it okey to wear the same color on your fingers and toe nails?

Why this question? Well lets start from the beginning. For ages now I was using a set on my nails: black on toes and pale pink on fingers. But yesterday I just needed some refreshment so I covered my toes with some pale pink and fingers with beige. Later on I was doing some cleaning in the bathroom and, as you can imagine, all my manicure got totally destroyed, so today before going to work, because of acting so totally automatically, I put on my finger nails pale pink. 

I left the house, sat in the tram seen what I have done and thought: 'Hmmm...'. Until I reached the-OFFICE I already felt awkward in it and by the time I finished, I wanted to scrub this horrible pale pink off myself... hahahahah

Okey, I am exaggerating. I survived and literally nothing had happen. More! I believe that no one even noticed this 'nail polish faux pas', but I am curious your opinion:
Would you or would you not wear the same color on your finger and toe nails?

dress H&M/bag VINTAGE/flip-flops VINTAGE FAIR/sunglasses TIGER

Sunday, 27 July 2014


With a bit of delay I can herby announce: I HAVE BEEN ON POHODA FESTIVAL! I packed my wellingtons,tent and parka jacket and enjoyed awesome music gig! Here you have couple of pics and tracks that are in my head after this event. 

The most memorable moments for me:
1. Kraftwerk 3D show
2. Broke- dannish band with so much positive energy
3. ESEZLESA- Czech band bringing to my mind sound from teenage times made by SOMETHING LIKE ELVIS BAND
4. Moderat- great great music!
5. Disclosure- super DJ set!!!